3d Drawings

2D to 3D Conversions

Drawings can be supplied in either paper or electronic format, and are then converted into fully-parametric CATIA models which can then be manipulated or developed as necessary - together with related detail drawings where required. We are happy to quote for small quantities of conversions, or alternatively have capacity to support wide scale legacy data remodelling.

  •  2D to 3D CAD conversions.
  • CAD drawings created from rough sketches.
  • 3D renderings.
  • Fully dimensioned & toleranced detail drawings.
  • Assemblies, BOM's, full drawing sets.
  • Building layout drawings.
  • 3D CAD models for 3D printers.


CNC Machining

The 3D CAD Models we produce are used as a basis for the CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) program. Depending on the machine there are different CAM Softwares such as Mastercam that will translate the 3D CAD program into G-Code for milling or turning.


Our team of 3D modelers will produce a 3D CAD Model which can be used by a casting company (plastic or metal) as a basis for the mould design.